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The Monogram Trend

by Admin Admin

You may or may not have noticed it all over Pinterest- but monograms are trending all over right now! Luckily, we've got your embroidery covered here at Holmes Sew and Vac. Monogramed items make great personalized gifts for bridal showers, baby showers, housewarming parties, and more. We monogrammed this linen checkbook cover recently. The nice contrasting thread really takes the cover from dull to chic, don't you think? We've monogrammed everything from towels, to blankets, to purses and bags and other items. Embellishments are also available, just ask in the store, and we would be more than willing to help you with your project or gift!

Elna's Newest "Star"

by Admin Admin

Elena recently came out with some new machines. One of those was this little half size machine, the Star. I don't usually like smaller machines- for the type of sewing I do I get grouchy when I don't have enough space. Not only that, but many of these smaller machines are flimsy, so I was a bit annoyed when the sales rep insisted we get this machine. When they came a couple days later, I turned up my nose an let them sit in the hallway for a couple days. Dad finally got it out of the box an set it on my counter. To my surprise, it was a nice looking machine! It was cute and so tiny! Now why can't they make "good" machines like that? I walked over, picked it up an promptly set it down in bewilderment- it was so heavy! Now, in the sewing machine world, heavy is GOOD!!! If you have a light machine, chances are that:

1. It's gonna bounce everywhere!!! An I like to sew fast!
2. The inside frame is junk, or there's no frame at all!

I love it, the Star is the perfect size to take to retreat, or on vacation. It will fit into a carry on if you are flying. It sews like a dream, is very smooth and quiet. While it doesn't have a ton of features and stitches, it makes a really great second machine. If space is an issue for you, this is the perfect machine.

The Star is computerized, has 19 stitches, speed control, free arm, up an down needle, and a Start/Stop button. It's a handy dandy machine to have around!

If you're interested in the Star, remember that we have five years of FREE service, and a Five Year Warranty. If you need a small but sturdy machine, the Star is for you!

We're OPEN During Construction

by Admin Admin

There's been a lot happening on the street here in Berlin, Ohio lately! Crews are working on expanding the road in order to help traffic flow easier through our little town. But don't worry, our doors will stay open through the whole process. Our parking lot is still accessible, though the driveway looks a bit torn up! Just turn in the drive between the cones and you'll find us where we've always been. Thanks to the work crews who have continued to make our business easily accessible through the construction! We hope to see you in the store soon!


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