SupraLite RSL Model HEPA Media Bags

  • SupraLite Type F HEPA media bags fit SupraLite RSL household and commercial models.
  • High-capacity bags feature a sturdy bag closure for clean disposal.
  • Check for your model below in Details.
  • R10E
  • Sand Trap model RSL5.SAND
  • Household models RSL5, RSL4, RSL3 and RSL1A
  • Commercial models RSL5C, RSL3C and RSL1AC.
  • SupraLite R10S, R10D, R10P and R10SAND models require the self-sealing HEPA media bags, item RLH-6.
Machine Specs
  • Machine Weight: 1.0000 SKU RFH-6
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